Friday Favs

Happy SATURDAY!!! I felt like this day would never come. Not only did we start the week with a full moon but we are less than a month from summer break and everyone is restless.

On April 29th, we had a “Pink Moon” at 8:59 pm. It supposedly only lasted for five hours but the side effects have been lingering for days. So apparently, full moons last longer these days than they did before. Or maybe it is the fact that I am a teacher now and I am able to predict a full moon without having to watch the weather report…

The kids seemed to be extra talkative and after talking to several other teachers, I was able to realize, my class was not the only class this held true to.

Not only was the full moon an issue this week, but we also have been off our usual daily schedule between trying to complete assessments and projects. If you have never taught or volunteered in a kindergarten classroom, a structured environment is imperative in kindergarten for things to flow smoothly. Kinder cuties need structure and routine and anytime those things are taken out of the equation, things can get a little hairy. LOL.

mothers day project

Next weekend is Mother’s Day and we have been doing “all the things” to get ready to shower the moms of our classroom.

I am not at all crafty and try to avoid all artsy projects as much as possible. I know, it sounds strange coming from a kindergarten teacher but art was never my strength. Since I am not artistic, I often try to find activities I can print on construction paper and quickly assemble.

This Mother’s Day craft from KinderTykes did not disappoint.

We worked on this project this week. My kids enjoyed creating the flower pot as well as writing about what they loved about their moms and what made them special in their eyes. Next week we will finish our Mother’s Day gifts with a hand drawn tile and a plant each child has been growing for the past few weeks.

kindergarten black girls teach inquiry

So last week on Instagram, BGT (Black Girls Teach) posted this picture in their stories. I of course sent a pic and what I loved most about teaching kindergarten. jadyn and i bgt pic

This is the picture I sent. Yesterday, I received a message that I will be featured next Friday!!! You will have to check on their Instagram page next Friday to see all the deets.



This week, our school celebrated Teacher Appreciation. My parents have been absolutely amazing in spoiling me and showing the appreciation they have for my role in their child’s life. I am so blessed to have such wonderful and supportive parents. On Friday, I even was surprised with this coffee from my Room Mother from last year. Her son has moved on to first grade but they still find opportunities to show their love and I am forever grateful for them.

starbucks teacher appreciation gift

To end my school week, I saw my sweet student holding a small note. She looked concerned because the bell had rung and her mom was there to pick her up. I asked was she ok and she gave me this note to give to our school Assistant Principal. I told her I would make sure to give it to her and I sent her on her way. After dismissal duty, I took the note to the Assistant Principal and as I was walking it over, I quickly read it…

I could not believe she had written that note! Last night I sent her mom a quick dm and she said she had the idea to do it all on her own… Cue the water works. Does your school take teacher requests? Ours does not but, I think this request should be honored, don’t you? LOL.

How was your week? Eventful? I would love to hear about it!