July Ft. Lauderdale Bloggers Meetup

chima drinkI am always on the hunt for cute places in the area to enjoy a romantic evening with my husband or a fun night out with my girls. On Saturday while at the July Ft. Lauderdale Bloggers Meetup, I found just the place. Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is located at 2400 E. Las Olas Blvd tucked behind large exotic trees that incase a stunning courtyard entrance. Just blocks from Ft Lauderdale beach, the restaurant makes a great backdrop for group shots as well as a nice romantic picture with your significant other.

Our meetup was held in the restaurant’s bar/lounge and Chima’s Brand Ambassador Anne Dantas greeted myself as well as the other bloggers and she was the sweetest. She gave us background information about Chima and informed us of some of the popular dishes. I told Anne that Chima had an ambiance like nothing I had experienced. She smiled and said she was glad I felt that way because the restaurant’s core purpose was to “deliver a one of a kind experience.” Before we parted ways, she recommended a Brazilian cocktail named Caipirinha (pronounced ki-pee-rinya) which is infused with lime and pure sugar cane. It was absolutely amazing!

Chima has one of the best happy hours in Ft Lauderdale. You can pop in Monday-Friday from 5:00 pm – 8:00 pm. The happy hour offers great specials including many half priced drinks and $5 bar minis which are smaller portioned items of some of the full menu foods. One of the featured items is the “Bite Sized Appetizer Special.” The special includes any three bite sized app for $12.95.

Chima gets its name from a Brazilian drink the chimarrao which symbolizes hospitality and friendship. At Chima, the waiters who are referred to as gauchos can be found walking throughout the dining room offering various meats such as beef, fish, top sirloin, filet, sausage, chicken, pork, ribs and lamb. They offer a delicious salad bar that features one of my newfound favorites, the seafood salad which reminds me of ceviche.  As if the great atmosphere and delicious food weren’t enough, Chima also has live music. Unfortunately, I did not have the opportunity to hear them playing because I was leaving as they were setting up.

Our July Meetup could not have been at a better location. The vibe was very laid back and we were able to mix and mingle which gave me the opportunity to socialize and network with so many new people. Barbara Chaney, our new Chapter Officer did a phenomenal job with her first “official” meetup. I am looking forward to the next one scheduled for August 5th. Until next time!

ft lauderdale boomerang

(Picture Courtesy of Evan Snow of Choose954 and ArtFTL)

july meetup invite

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