Something New…

something new wisdom from women of the bibleAfter searching for weeks for a VBS (vacation bible study) for the kids, I stumbled upon a Women’s Bible Study at a local church here in town. I was excited to see that because I am always up to meet new people who have children around the same age and who also share some of the same beliefs I have. Even though I was excited to meet new people,  I must admit, I was a little nervous going into a new church environment. Let’s admit, people can be extremely judgemental of new people, and this church is not my home church.You may ask, if it is not your home church, why would you attend an event, more less a bible study? Well for me, I am all about feeding my soul, whether it is at my home church on a Sunday morning; at home listening to Joyce Meyer or through a local bible study that feeds into what I need during that season in my life. The bible study will only run for three weeks for the summer because this is the time most people are traveling and catching up on life with their families. The book we are studying is John C. Maxwell’s “Wisdom From Women In The Bible.”

On the first day we met, I was greeted at the front door and directed to the nursery area because I had my youngest along with me. I quickly got the girls signed in to an inviting classroom with tables, plenty of toys and young volunteers who looked like they were ready to help. Once the girls were settled, I found my way into the main sanctuary where I signed in and grabbed a nametag. I moved quickly to the front as I like to be close so I can see and hear everything that is going on. The church’s Connections Director came to the front of the church and greeted everyone. Her demeanor was so calm and pleasant and she recognized there were new faces in attendance. Once she finished, she moved to a prayer praying that everyone who came would not leave the same and I was in agreement with that prayer. After the prayer, she jumped right in letting us know that we would be focusing on the first three chapters, Ruth, Sarah and Rahab. She gave a brief overview of the chapters and informed us we would be breaking into 3 small groups to focus more on the chapters and discuss some of the questions at the end of the chapters. I looked forward to this because that meant that I would be able to meet some of the many ladies who were a part of this very large group.

While walking to my designated place, I grabbed a cup of coffee and settled into my seat. My group had 7 other ladies and I happened to be the youngest in the group which was a little disappointing because as I said before, I looked forward to meeting other ladies who had children close in age and the ladies in my group had children that were close to my age. Even though I was a little disappointed, I looked at it from a positive aspect and figured, I could use these ladies to learn something from and remained excited anyway. We only had time to do the standard introduction and time had ticked away. We joined together with the other groups for a final prayer and were dismissed for the week. I am looking forward to telling you more about my readings each week. I did not purchase the book prior to the first session so I have some catching up to do. I hope you all enjoy your week!


Author: Adventuring along with Andrea

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