Blogger Recognition Award 2017

The Blogger Recognition Award I am so honored to have been nominated for the Blogger Recognition Award by, a self-proclaimed “Pineapple Mom.” On her blog you will find things to help you along your motherhood journey. From breastfeeding diaries to healthy toddler snacks. If you are not following her, check her page out, you… Continue reading Blogger Recognition Award 2017

Hurricane Irma

​ ​Hurricane season begins June 1st and ends November 30th. Whether you live in a hurricane zone or you are traveling to an area known to have hurricanes, you must be prepared for what can happen. When it comes to hurricanes, individuals are alerted and have the opportunity to prepare before the storm arrives as… Continue reading Hurricane Irma

Hello Fall

When I think about Fall, I reflect back to my childhood growing up in West Bloomfield, Michigan. Beautifully colored Fall leaves of orange, red, yellow and brown and the wind whipping them off the trees. During Fall, we would visit the Franklin Cider Mill  located at 7450 Franklin Road Bloomfield Hills, MI  48301 just… Continue reading Hello Fall

The Blue Whale Challenge

I first heard about the Blue Whale Challenge a few months back after binge watching the infamous Netflix series, 13 Reasons. If you have not heard about 13 Reasons, it is a Netflix series where a girl commits suicide and leaves thirteen tapes with specific instructions on who should listen to the tapes as well… Continue reading The Blue Whale Challenge

To Be Vegan or Not To Be Vegan, That Is The Question…

My body failed me… That is all I could think of this past Sunday afternoon as I laid across the couch in pain. A few weeks ago after watching the documentary “What the Health,” my husband and I decided we were going to go vegan. Just like that… The astonishing statistics that were spouted off… Continue reading To Be Vegan or Not To Be Vegan, That Is The Question…

July Ft. Lauderdale Bloggers Meetup

  I am always on the hunt for cute places in the area to enjoy a romantic evening with my husband or a fun night out with my girls. On Saturday while at the July Ft. Lauderdale Bloggers Meetup, I found just the place. Chima Brazilian Steakhouse is located at 2400 E. Las Olas Blvd… Continue reading July Ft. Lauderdale Bloggers Meetup